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Individual Branding vs Product Branding

Individual Branding vs Product Branding

Personal Branding can also be known as ‘Individual Branding’ or ‘Authentic Personal Branding’, but it is essentially all about ‘Brand-You’!

personal branding vs product branding
There is little difference between Corporate or Product Branding and Individual or Personal Branding, except that rather than a product or service being promoted, Individual Branding is all about a person being promoted. The person becomes the product being sold.

When talking about Product Branding, a large amount of time and consideration goes into the packaging, the colours being used, how the product is recognised and perceived, the quality of the product and whether it ‘does what it says on the tin’, the clarity of the message being portrayed by the label, the slogan, etc… The same goes for Personal Branding which focuses on who you are and who you are not.

Personal Branding is about establishing yourself as an expert in your field of work, building a strong reputation, increasing your prestige and improving how you are perceived. Also, just as with Product Branding, Personal Branding focuses a lot of attention on your outer image. Instead of packaging a product we are dressing a person. The focus becomes the clothes we have chosen, our hygiene and personal grooming, our hair and makeup, the colours we have worn, or our chosen accessories.

Personal Branding and Product Branding share many similarities, because Personal Branding is about marketing yourself as the product.

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